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Please, Master(4)

By:Opal Carew

Mr. Robertson kept pulling her forward, until his cock was fully in her mouth, then held her there.

“King, I really want to fuck her, too, but I’d prefer to do it without an audience,” Mr. Smith said. “How about you let us take her into the bedroom, one at a time?”

“The slave likes having sex with more than one man at a time,” Mr. King said, “but if you'd like privacy from the others to fuck her, I'll allow that. But only if I'm present.”

“Sure thing,” Mr. Smith said.

His sideways glance at Mr. Robertson, and the fact he’d shared her in front of the other men before, told her that Mr. Smith probably didn't care about the others being present. It seems she wasn't the only one Mr. Robertson made uncomfortable.

“I don't give a fuck who sees me,” Mr. Robertson said. “And right now, I just want that pretty little mouth fucking my cock.

He tugged her hair, pulling her back, then rammed her forward again. She felt like she was choking on his big shaft.

“Give the woman a chance to breathe,” Mr. Jacobs said.

Mr. Robertson pulled her back again, his hard cock dragging along her lips.

“You want to get down there and do it for her?” he asked.

He pulled her forward and back, filling her again and again. Then she felt him tense and he shot deep into her throat.

When he was finished, he pulled her off and released her hair, then slumped on the couch.

“Mr. Smith, take the slave into the bedroom and I'll join you in a minute.”

Mr. Smith stood up and took Sylvia's hand, then led her to a the double doors at the end of the room. He pushed them open to reveal a huge bedroom with a large king-sized bed in the center.

“I'm sorry Robertson treated you like that,” Mr. Smith said as he sat on the side of the bed. “He had a few drinks before you got here and he's acting like a jerk.”

She nodded, and sank to her knees in front of him. She rested her hand on the front of his pants and felt his large bulge. She unzipped him.

“Would you like me to suck your cock?”

He smiled. “That's what I like. A woman who knows what I want.”

She smiled, then drew out his erection. She wrapped her hand around it and felt the blood pulsing through it. She pressed it to her lips and licked the tip, then widened her mouth to take the mushroom-shaped head inside. She glided forward and back, swirling her tongue over the hot, firm surface.

The door opened and Mr. King came into the room, followed by Mr. Jacobs.

“Robertson has left,” Mr. King said. “Evan, would you still like privacy?”

Mr. Smith shook his head. “I wouldn't want Carl sitting out there on his own.”

Sylvia glided his length again and he cupped her head, guiding her lightly.

“In fact, Carl, come join me,” Mr. Smith said. “She can do us both at the same time.”

Mr. Jacobs sat down on the bed beside Mr. Smith and unzipped his pants, then pulled his cock into view. She wrapped her hand around it and stroked while she glided on Mr. Smith's cock a few more times.

Then she switched and pressed Mr. Jacobs' cock to her lips. She watched him as she opened her mouth around his cockhead and took it inside, the whole time stroking Mr. Smith's column with her other hand.

She took Mr. Jacobs deep a few times, then drew back to switch.

“You know, I'm loving this,” Mr. Jacobs said, “but this will make me come pretty fast, and I'd really like to enjoy the sight...”—he grinned—“and feel of this beautiful, naked woman at our disposal.”

“Good idea. In fact, I have something to make this a little more… stimulating,” Mr. King said. “Slave, come here.”

Sylvia released both hard cocks and stood up, then walked to Mr. King. He pulled something that clanked from his suit jacket pocket. It was a three-way chain with three tweezer-like clamps.

The nipple clamps she understood, though had never used them, but the third… The possibility sent nervous excitement surging through her.

He opened one of the black tipped pincers and clamped it around one of her nipples. It pinched a little., but was also arousing. He clamped the other nipple. The chain, which was about as heavy as a dog leash, pulled on her nipples, causing more stimulation. Then he crouched in front of her and his finger glided over her folds. She felt him position the other clamp over her sensitive flesh and…

“Oh...” The pinching sensation there was… odd. It hurt a little but also felt… good.

He stood up and his gaze glided along the chains, from nipple to nipple, then down to her pussy. Then he flicked the chain, causing all kinds of wild sensation to ripple through her.

He hooked his finger through the chain and walked toward the bed. She followed closely, the tugging—on her clit in particular—sending pleasure pulsing through her.

He positioned her in front of the two men and they gazed at her hungrily.

“Fuck, that looks incredible.” Mr. Jacobs squeezed one of the nipple clamps a little tighter. “Do you like that, slave?”

“Yes, Master Jacobs.”

He smiled heartily. Mr. Smith tugged the chain, pulling on her clit and she gasped.

“I think you like that,” Mr. Smith said.

Mr. Jacobs removed one of the nipple clamps and surrounded her aureole with his warm mouth. Her nipple was ultra sensitive after the clamp, so when he suckled, she moaned out loud. Mr. Smith got on his knees in front of her and tugged on the clit clamp again, sending swirling sensation through her.

Mr. Jacobs returned the clamp to her nipple and removed the other, then suckled that nub. It pulsed with need. Mr. Smith pressed her legs wide apart and ran his fingertip over her clamped clit, the clip exposing her now very sensitive button. When she felt his tongue brush over it, she thought she'd faint. Her knees did start to buckle, but Mr. King, standing behind her, grasped her arms before she tumbled to the floor.

He led her to a chaise in the corner. Mr. Smith and Mr. Jacobs knelt on either side of her. Mr. Jacobs continued sucking her nipple. Mr. Smith ran his fingertip over her clit, sending fluttering need through her. Then he leaned down and licked her.

“Oh, yessss, Master Smith.”

Mr. King, now standing at the head of the chaise, grasped the chain and tugged lightly. She moaned at the multiple, deliriously delightful sensations.

“Slave, open.”

She glanced up to see Mr. King had moved beside her and he was presenting his huge, pulsing cock to her. She opened wide and he slid it into her mouth. She immediately sucked, pulsing her mouth around him. With all the stimulation she was receiving, it was soothing and exciting having his thick, hard cock in her mouth. Sucking on it.

He glided deeper into her mouth and she opened her throat for him. He bumped the back of her throat, then drew back a little. Then glided forward. He pulsed into her in short strokes as Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Smith teased her nipples and clit. She slid her hand into Mr. King's pants and found his balls, then cupped them gently.

Mr. Smith tugged on the chain, a little hard, and she gasped. Mr. King pulled his cock from her mouth.

“Are you all right?” he asked, concern washing across his features.

She just nodded, sucking in air at the incredible pleasure-pain the clamps were causing as Mr. Smith pulled in light pulses.

Mr. King knelt down and removed the nipple clamp and suckled her breast beside Mr. Jacobs. Only the clit clamp was still on.

“Oh, God, it feels so good with both of you sucking my nipples,” she murmured, her head falling back on the couch.

Then Mr. Smith suckled her clit and…

She arched forward as pleasure surged through her. “Yes! Oh, God, that's so...” Then she whimpered.

Mr. Smith removed the final clamp, then his fingers glided inside her. He pulsed them into her. That along with the suckling on her nipples and clit were too much to handle. She gasped and arched, then felt bliss explode within her, swelling through her whole being as she wailed her release.

“Ah, fuck, I need to be inside her.” Mr. Jacobs tugged on her legs, pulling her to the end of the chaise, then he knelt and pressed his big cockhead to her wet passage.

When he thrust inside her, filling her with his long, pulsing cock, she cried out in pleasure.

He grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her to him, then captured her lips. His tongue drove inside her as his cock thrust deep again. He kept thrusting, then stared into her eyes.

“You feel so fucking good around my cock, slave. I'm going to make you come hard and fast.”

She nodded, knowing he would, because she was already so close, and still euphoric from the first orgasm.

He pumped into her, her body tensing around him, the pleasure building.

“Oh, God, yes!” she practically screamed.

He thrust and thrust, then groaned his release. His hot come filled her and she groaned along with him.

“God damn,” Mr. Smith said, stroking his sizable erection.

“You want to fuck her in the ass, Smith?” Mr. King asked.

“Fuck yes. But let's do her at the same time.”

“Fine.” Mr. King stripped off his suit and Sylvia couldn't help watching his flexing muscles as he pulled off his clothes. He walked to the bed and lay down on it.

Mr. Smith stripped, too. She hadn't seen these other men naked and was delighted to see his six-pack abs and sculpted chest. His cock looked even longer not protruding from pants.

“Slave, come and impale yourself on my cock,” Mr. King said.