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Please, Master(2)

By:Opal Carew

She stared at the camera. “Mr. King, that feels so good.” Her voice was breathless with need. She arched her hips, wanting so bad to come, but he had forbidden it.

Then the vibrator stopped. She pulsed faster on her clit, then pushed her finger inside a little.

When the vibrator didn't start again, she glanced at the clock. It was nine forty-one. She looked at the webcam and the light was off.

She slumped on the chair and rested for a few minutes, then got up on wobbly legs.

She made the bed, then tidied up a little, but she couldn't stop glancing at the clock. By ten twenty, she was sitting in the chair, her legs spread wide. Waiting.

At ten thirty, the webcam light came on and she smiled.

“Hello, Mr. King. I've missed you. If you were here right now, I would love to take out your big, hard cock and suck on it.” She stroked her breasts, then pinched the nipples. “I hope you're hard right now. I can just imagine you stroking your thick cock while you watch me.”

She pressed her finger to her lips, then drew it inside her mouth. She sucked on it, her cheeks hollowing, then moved it slowly in and out. He rewarded her by turning on the little vibrator, sending pleasurable tremors through her.

“Oh, thank you, Mr. King. It's like you're touching me inside my hot, wet passage right now.”

He turned it up and she moaned.

“Ohhh, I wish I could come, but I know you don't want me to, so I'm being a good girl.” She arched her hips. “But it's so hard.”

She stroked over her wet slit, arching and opening her legs even wider for him.

“If you were here right now, I'd beg you to fuck me.”

He set the device on a pulsing vibrate and she cried out. Pleasure quivered through her and she had to fight hard to resist the urge to let go and fly over the edge.

“Oh, God, Mr. King, it's so hard not to… Ohhh…”

The vibrator slowed, still on a mild pulse. She sighed. Then it stopped pulsing, now on a gentle vibrate.

Then it went off and she realized time was up.

Mr. King ended the afternoon meeting early. A few of his managers were disconcerted because there were things that still needed to be covered, but he was the boss and therefore called the shots. It was almost two thirty and he needed to be back in his office for his ten minutes watching Sylvia.

Needed was an understatement. The woman had been teasing him to insanity every hour. He could not miss even one opportunity to watch her entice him. He had considered calling Sean and Gabe in to watch this morning, but he'd quickly realized he did not want to share this with anyone else.

Lia in accounting approached him in the hallway as he rushed to his office. “Mr. King, may I have a minute?”

“Not now, Lia. Whatever it is, take it up with Mr. Connor.” He continued past her, then down the hall to the executive offices. He closed his door behind him and sat in his chair. He flicked the camera on immediately, even though there were still a couple of minutes to go.

His breath caught at the sight of her already there, her legs spread for him. He watched as she bit her lip, glancing around the room. Waiting impatiently.

He turned on the vibrator.

She sucked in a breath, then glanced at the camera and smiled.

“Hello again, Mr. King. I've been waiting for you.”

He watched her fingers glide over her hard, distended nipples, hunger building in him.

“I'm still turned on from last time. I so desperately want to come.”

She pinched her nipples and he wished he could feel those hard nubs between his own fingertips.

He turned up the vibrator, then put it on pulse.

“Oh, Mr. King.” Her eyelids drooped closed and her head fell back. “That feels sooo good.”

He stared at her naked, glistening pussy, his cock throbbing.

“Are you touching yourself while you watch me, Mr. King? Holding your thick cock in your hand?” She ran her hand down her stomach. “Stroking it?”

Fuck. He unzipped and pulled out his cock. It pulsed in his hand. He stroked it, longing to push it inside her exposed slit.

She arched and moaned and he squeezed his cock, answering with his own moan. Fuck, he could come right now.

He slowed the vibrator.

He knew he didn't have to follow the rules he'd set for her—he could come if he wanted to—but if he held back now, it would be all the sweeter when he got home and thrust deep into her sweet, hot body.

The timer on his cell went off, telling him the time was over, but he didn't want to stop watching her. He pushed the button to make the bullet pulse faster inside her, watching her eyes widen.

“Oh, God, Mr. King. I don't think I can...” She moaned and he was sure she was going to go over the edge, but somehow she sucked in air and breathed through it.

He turned off the vibrator. She collapsed on the chair, staring at the ceiling, panting. He watched her a moment longer, wishing he was there right now.

Fuck, he couldn't help himself. He turned the vibrator on full speed, and pulsing.

“Oh, Mr. King. I want you so bad.” The desperation in her voice triggered a need in him so deep, it was irresistible.

Sylvia lay in a boneless mass on the chair, unable to move. She was so turned on, she wasn't sure she could breathe without coming.

So she just lay there. Waiting for the next time the blue light came on.

After about twenty minutes, she stroked her breasts lightly, anticipating her next session with Mr. King. The time passed slowly and she dozed, dreaming of Mr. King walking into the room. Stroking her body. His fingers gliding between her legs.

She started awake and glanced at the clock. Oh, my God, it's three forty-five. I've missed it.

Mr. King would be angry with her. He would surely punish her, which made her tingle with anticipation. But the real punishment was that she would have to wait close to another hour before Mr. King would watch her again.

The vibrator started to pulse. Her gaze jerked to the webcam, but it wasn't on.

Then the door flung open and Mr. King strode inside. He was holding his phone in his hand.

She hooked her knees over the armrests of the chair, her insides quivering with the pulsing device inside her.

“You are so God-damned, fucking sexy I couldn't stay away.”

He dropped his jacket and stripped off his shirt as he closed the distance between them. He stopped in front of her and dropped his pants to the floor.

He knelt down and pulled the little cord attached to the vibrator and flung it aside. The still vibrating device rolled across the floor then under the desk. The humming sound, though slightly muffled, still filled the room.

He grabbed his cock, which was towering tall and proud, and glided the tip over her wet slit.

“Ohhhh, Mr. King.” The mere feel of it almost made her come.

Then he drove inside her. Hard and deep. She gasped, grabbing his shoulders. He thrust again and she whimpered.

“Oh, Master, please,” she begged. “I want to come so bad.”

“You'd better fucking come.” He leaned against her ear and murmured, “And tell me what I want to hear.”

“Yes! Ohhhh, yes.” Pleasure swelled inside her, pulsing through every cell in her body.

He pumped harder and faster. The intensity of the sensations… of his thick cock stretching her… of it driving deep inside her… overwhelmed her with need.

He drove deeper still and she moaned.

“Oh, Master.” She arched against him. “I'm… ahhhh… going to come.”

He spiraled his thick rod inside her and she clung tight, pulling him against her. The joyful sensations exploded inside her.

“Erik...you're…making...me...ohhh…. I'm coming now.” Then she wailed her release as she shot off to ecstasy.

He drove into her faster, groaning, then he jerked forward and pulsed inside her, hot liquid filling her. Driving her bliss higher.

He continued pumping, keeping her orgasm going and going. Her moans slowly faded with the ebbing pleasure and finally she slumped back in the chair.

His lips trailed along her neck.

“You are the best thing that ever happened to me,” he murmured against her skin.

She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight.

“Thank you, Master.” She brushed her lips along his neck, then murmured against his ear.

“I love you, Mr. King.”

Sylvia never wanted to lie to him. But it's what he wanted to hear. And she wanted to make him happy. So she told him she loved him. Every day.

The glow in his eyes was a reward beyond measure. To make someone that happy was a privilege. Especially when it was someone who cared for her so much.

And loved her.

And she wanted it to be true so badly.

Maybe one day it would be, if she said it enough.

Or maybe it didn't matter, as long as she acted as if it were true.

Three more weeks had gone by and Mr. King was happy that Sylvia seemed to be falling in love with him. It was his dream come true.

He held her close to him in the darkness, never wanting to let go. He breathed in the sweet scent of her hair and sighed.

She murmured in her sleep.

He kissed her temple, then stroked her hair behind her ear. She arched her body, her round ass brushing against his cock. It hardened immediately.

“Are you awake?” he whispered against her ear, but she didn't answer.

Then she moaned softly. The sound sent heat through his veins.

He cupped her breasts and she arched against his hands. Her nipples were hard and swollen. His cock twitched. He nuzzled her neck and she sighed. He ran his hand down her stomach and stopped an inch from her mound, but she covered his hand and pushed it further down until it was between her thighs. He brushed over her folds, then dipped inside, just far enough to feel the moisture pooled there.