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Her Secret Thrill(8)

By:Donna Kauffman

“Scream for me, Natalie,” he said hoarsely, and pushed all the way in, his hips coming down hard on hers.

She did scream, and bucked hard against him. He stilled, but only for a second.

“Again!” she rasped. “God, Jake. Do it again.”

“Yeah.” It was all he was capable of, and even that came out like a grunt. She was sweet and tight and goddamn if she didn’t take all of him and beg for more.

He pushed into her, making the bed jerk against the wall. Again. And again. And if he slowed down even slightly, she demanded it from him.

“Faster,” she gasped.

He kept her pinned. She writhed beneath him like a fury, but kept him locked so tightly inside her lean, little body, it might as well have been he who was pinned.

“Again, Jake. Deeper.”

He growled, unable to stop now. His hips moved like pistons, plunging and withdrawing, only to plunge again. Again and again she took him, kept him, released him only to clutch at him again. He’d never been driven like this, mindless like this.

Then she turned her head and whispered, “Come for me, Jake. Come for me.” And now he screamed. His climax was instantaneous and all but ripped out of him. It kept rolling over him and through him for what seemed like an eternity. Afterward, he barely sustained his upper-body weight on his elbows to keep from crushing her altogether. He was still shuddering, and he felt so completely drained that he wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to move again.

He pressed his face to the side of her neck. “You tricked me,” he murmured.

“Tricked you?”

He finally managed to release her arms and roll to his side, pulling her with him. “I was going to take you to the very limits…and then you tricked me into coming.”

“I didn’t think of it that way. Are you complaining?”

No way was he that good an actor. “Dear God, no.” He laughed when she grinned. “But I was sort of focused on doing that for you.” At the desire that spiked in her drowsy, sexy eyes, he pushed her to her back. “Not that I can’t take care of that now.”

She opened her mouth, then shut it again.

“You’re not going to argue, huh?”

She shook her head, laughter and need mingling in her dark brown eyes.

“Smart girl.” He leaned down and kissed her. “I’ll be right back.”

She half sat up as he left the bed, but he waved her back. “Clean-up duty.” While in the bathroom, he also turned on the warm water and soaked a washcloth with it. Making sure it wasn’t too hot, he wrung out the excess water and returned to the bedroom.

She looked quizzically at the little white towel, but said nothing. He slid onto the queen-size bed and urged her to the middle. “Prop your head on the pillows.” She tugged several beneath her head. “And hand me the other one.” She looked at him, but said nothing and pushed the last one toward him.

He shifted between her legs, then began to tuck the pillow beneath her hips. Her eyes widened in that way they did, and he smiled. “Trust me.”

She shot him a look, but relaxed back on the pillows again. He wondered that she’d never played around like this before. Her previous partners must have been lawyers, too, he surmised with a private smile.

Once her hips were gently lifted, he spread her legs more widely. “Keep them here.” Before she could reply, he unfolded the warm towel and laid it right between her legs. She gasped and started to sit up, but before he could even say anything, she sighed and laid right back down.

“God, that feels really good.”

“Close your eyes and just relax. And enjoy.”

Even as she nodded, her eyes were drifting shut.

He let the warmth of the towel soak into her, soothing her where he’d so recently been roughly moving against that soft skin. She moaned softly as he gently pressed the heel of his hand down against the warm towel.

He maintained the pressure, then slowly moved his palm down, until one finger dragged slowly and gently in the crease between her legs. She gasped again, this time her hips moving up to push against his finger.

He stroked her again…and again, until she was moaning and reaching for his touch with her hips. The towel was becoming cool, so he slid it slowly off her, making sure it rubbed against her budded and highly sensitized clitoris before replacing it with his mouth.

She arched violently against his tongue as he invaded her. He lifted his head just enough to look up at her. “Reach up, Natalie. Hold on to the headboard.”

She opened her eyes and looked dazedly down at him. “Don’t stop,” she said hoarsely.

He grinned. “I have no intention of stopping. Hold on to the headboard, Natalie,” he repeated.

She reached blindly above her head as she continued to look at him.

“Hold on. Tight.” And then he slid his finger into her and up over her, making her bow right off the bed. “Now, Natalie. You come for me. You come for me hard.” And he kept his tongue right there, on her, at her, until she completely came apart over him.

He was so fully into her orgasm, it took him a moment to realize he was hard again, his hips pushing in voluntarily against the bed. Blindly he groped for the condoms she’d poured on the bed, even as he watched her climb that peak again. She shattered again, screaming this time.

He reared up, all but ripped the condom out of the packet and yanked it over himself. Then he was pulling her hips right up off the bed and onto him. Her legs flew up and locked tightly behind him as he gripped her hips and pushed into her almost violently. He couldn’t get deep enough, she couldn’t push herself onto him hard enough.

He kept his eyes on hers and watched as she climbed again. He slid a hand from her driving hips and rubbed his finger over her, just above where he was buried so deeply. She shrieked as she came even harder than before. And his climax came thundering right after.

They both slumped to the bed in a tangled, moist heap, the room filled only with the sounds of their heavy breathing.

Finally Jake managed to move. He pulled a pillow under his head, grabbed another from where it had been shoved in the frenzy and tucked it under her head. Then he turned to his side, pulled her slick body against his, tucked her head beneath his chin and let himself fall blissfully asleep.

NATALIE WAS TRYING to slide quietly from the bed, when he finally woke up. “What time is it?” he murmured.

“Two. I have to catch a plane out of La Guardia in a couple of hours.”

“Why are you whispering?”

She paused in gathering her clothes, then grinned. “Because you were sleeping,” she said, still whispering.

He finally shoved the rest of the cobwebs aside and sat up. So, it was over. He felt as if it had just begun. “Let me grab a quick shower and I’ll go to the airport with you.”

That stopped her. She stood up, clutching her gold-colored silk top and impossibly spiky black heels. “I— I don’t think we should. I mean, it’s a long ride out, and I’m sure—” She gave a little self-conscious laugh. “Actually, I’m not sure of anything at the moment.”

He slid off the bed and walked over to her. He tugged the shirt and heels out of her hands, glad when she didn’t put up much of a struggle. He pulled her against him. “I’m sure of one thing.”

She eyed him warily. “What is that?”

“I’ve never spent a more enjoyable morning in my entire life. Thank you for that, Natalie.”

She smiled then, looking almost shy. “I can return the compliment.”

“I know you want this to be a sort of once-in-a-life-time adventure.”

She tensed and started to pull away.

He tightened his hold just enough to keep her in his arms. “Hear me out.” He waited until she nodded. “I know your career is your focus. Right now, I’m pretty busy in that regard, as well. We both travel a lot, and that makes relationships almost impossible.”

She seemed to relax a bit.

He looked into her eyes, then took a breath and said, “So since we’re both in the same boat, neither of us looking for something permanent, the kind of thing we’d have to share with the other parts of our lives…why don’t we just share this.”


“Yeah.” He motioned to the room around them. “This.”

“You mean, like have an affair?”

“I don’t know if it has a name.” He touched her hair. “I think we both enjoyed some of the things we explored here today. It was good and fun. But it was also kind of safe.”


“Yeah. I knew you weren’t looking for more than this, and you knew the same about me. It sort of frees us up to just relax and enjoy. And explore a little more than we otherwise would.” He tilted her chin up, when she looked away. “Didn’t you feel that, Natalie? A sort of secret thrill in getting to do things you wouldn’t normally do?”

She looked at him for so long, he didn’t think she was going to answer. He hadn’t realized he’d been holding his breath, until she did finally speak.

“Yes. Yes, this was…exciting.” She looked at him. “And no, I don’t normally do this.”

“Nor do I.”

“So what are you proposing?”

“That we exchange travel itineraries. See where and when they might intersect. When they do, we can get together and…explore. Safely. No other strings.”