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Her Secret Thrill(37)

By:Donna Kauffman

Natalie laughed even as she tried to get her breath back. “I can’t believe I’m going to have clients in here. Every time I look at this wall…”

“It will be our secret thrill.”

Natalie beamed up at the man she’d given her heart to. “You’ll always be my secret thrill.”

“Bet on it.” He kissed her deeply and slowly, and the sweet tension began to build again. “I believe you mentioned something about other rooms?” He traced a finger over one bare nipple, then slid it down her body.

“Why, yes,” she gasped, nipping at his ear. “I believe I did.”

“I think maybe it’s your turn to thrill me,” he said in that taunting tone of his.

She grinned at him and slid her hand down his body. “Bet on it.”