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Bentley (Hawthorne Brothers Book One)(7)

By:M.L. Young

“Okay, just follow me out of here then,” he replied before we went to our respective cars.

I could definitely hear his starting in the lot just before I turned mine on, as the thunderous lion-like roar of his engine made mine sound like a frightened mouse. I backed out of the space and drove forward as I followed him to his place. Every turn put a small knot in my stomach as I felt the nerves building up inside me.

What if something more than coffee and conversation happened? I knew that I liked him, and I’d be stupid if I said he wasn’t incredibly attractive, but I’d watched enough television to know what happens when you go back to a guy’s place on the first date. It’s not that I wasn’t ready for it, I wasn’t a virgin after all, but there was no coming back from it. I liked Bentley, at least from what I knew so far about him, and I didn’t want to ruin any chance of a potential future relationship for a night of sex. Then again, what if we didn’t move towards a relationship and it didn’t work out? I’d hate to think that I gave up a night with Bentley Hawthorne when I could’ve had him in every way possible.

This was going to be far from easy, but I guess I just had to go in there and see. Whatever happened, happened, and I couldn’t push away something that might be amazing and fulfilling.

We pulled up to his house, a Cape Cod style on a street I’d never been on before. I pulled up to the curb and he into his single-lane driveway. I turned off my car as he got out of his and I took a deep breath as I saw him coming towards the car to get me.

Remember, Anna, whatever happens, happens.

Chapter Six


“This is it,” I said as I opened the front door to my house.

I turned on the lights, the switch controlling a few lamps in the living room, before Anna walked in behind me and looked around.

“You have a nice place,” she said as she looked around.

I wasn’t sure if she was just being nice, as my place wasn’t exactly filled with a woman’s touch, since it was more of a bachelor pad that usually had empty beer cans and pizza boxes, but those were long gone after I’d cleaned before going out to meet her.

“Thanks, I try. I know it still needs some work, but I guess it’s fine for just me. I’m not too picky,” I said.

She took off her coat and hung it on the stand before slipping off her shoes and walking away from the door. I wasn’t sure what she’d hoped would go on tonight, but the more I looked at her, I wasn’t quite too sure either. I guess I wanted a lot of different things with her, but I kind of wanted them all at the same time, too. She was definitely the type of girl you brought home to your mom, and I knew mine would like her just fine, but I knew that I wanted something else as well. I guess that was why I invited her here tonight. I told myself I wouldn’t do this, get physical with somebody so soon, but it’s hard to resist when a pretty girl is standing in your house.

“I’ll get the coffee started,” I said before walking towards the kitchen.

I pulled out a new Honduran roast I’d gotten from the store yesterday and scooped some out as she followed me into the kitchen and looked around some more. She wasn’t saying much—nothing, really, but I held confident that it was going well. How could it not after a dinner like that? It was pure romance, textbook on how a first date should go.

“Do you like anything in yours?” I asked.

“Sugar and cream, if you have it,” she said.

“Of course,” I said, pulling the cream out of the refrigerator and getting the sugar ready.

“How long have you lived here?” she asked.

“A few years—three, I think. I was tired of paying rent to somebody. I actually pay less on a mortgage here than I did in rent by about two hundred,” I said.

“Wow, that’s awesome. I wish I could do something like that. Was it hard?” she asked.

“Hard to find the place, or hard to get it?” I replied.

“Both, I guess,” she said as the coffee began to drip.

“I’d say it was pretty easy. My mom actually sent me a link to this place online and I looked at it the next day. I put in the offer a few grand below asking and they accepted. I don’t think it was supposed to be that easy,” I said with a laugh.

“What about the maintenance?” she asked.

“I can do most of it myself, which is good. Being in my line of work makes you good with your hands and knowing how things work, even if I haven’t messed with something before. We actually did some renovations in here after I bought it. Having two brothers and an active dad made it a hell of a lot easier than I could’ve hoped for,” I said.

The coffee got done and I poured us some into white mugs before letting her put her own creamer and sugar inside to her liking. She stirred it in, the dark roast becoming significantly lighter as she did so, before she picked up her cup and followed me into the living room. I set my mug down on the coffee table, her doing the same, as I pulled a blanket off the back and offered it to her.

“Are you going to use it, too?” she asked.

“You’re the guest,” I said.

“I don’t mind if you want to share it,” she said.

“You’d have to get closer, then,” I replied.

She smiled a little and scooted in closer to me as I felt the side of her body push against mine. She kind of backed off a tiny bit, leaving but an inch between us, as I felt my breathing grow shallow. All I wanted to do was pull her hair back and kiss her neck. I didn’t, instead holding myself back, as I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.

“Movie?” I asked.

“Sure, that sounds fine,” she said.

“What do you like?” I asked.

“Anything is fine—whatever you like,” she said.

I turned on a horror film, not because I liked the genre, but mostly because I hoped it would lead her closer to me. This worked on Jenny Brown in the eighth grade, and I was praying it would work on Anna tonight. There was something there when she was close to me, and I wanted to feel it again.

Twenty minutes into the movie, just when the psycho killer started his first kill, I put my arm around her, a slight bit of fear clearly in her eyes, before she scooted in a little closer and I felt her thigh against mine. I looked at her, her focus too much on the movie to notice me, before I drifted my fingers through her hair. I caught her blink slowly, as if she enjoyed it.

Noticing me, she looked over at me and I refused to look away. Our eyes locked as the killer demanded attention in the background, but he didn’t get it. Her lips were pouty and a little plump, and I wanted nothing more than to taste them. I wanted to taste all of her, much more than just her lips, and as she got closer and didn’t look away, I began to think that she wanted the same thing.

I leaned in, slowly at first, and then all at once as she came a little closer and our lips met. I could taste her cherry lip-gloss as my tongue slithered towards hers and wrapped itself around hers. She reciprocated the attempt, not shying away from me as our tongues wrestled for dominance.

We both pulled away a little, gasping for air that we’d been deprived of, before going back in as she slowly fell backwards and I held my body over hers. Her hands grabbed my arms, groping my biceps and squeezing them gently.

It looked like there was a little bad in even the most good of girls.

Chapter Seven


I didn’t know what had come over me, but in this moment, I didn’t care.

Bentley was on top of me on his couch as I groped his bulging biceps and didn’t apologize for doing so. I could taste the faint flavor of a breath mint on him as his tongue danced with mine and fired me up in the best way. I had no idea where this was necessarily going to lead as we made out like middle schoolers, but I knew where I hoped it would lead.

His strong hand ran down my thigh, gripping it just hard enough for me to notice. I noticed all right, and I begged for more. I reached forward, unbuttoning his shirt. All I wanted to do was rip the buttons off and tear it off his muscular body. No, I couldn’t, I had to be more civilized than that, even though I had no desire to.

The final button came undone and his shirt fell open as I reached forward and pressed my shivering hands against his abs. God, they were glorious. Each and every one felt like Zeus himself sculpted them. His lips left mine, instead clamping onto my neck like some kind of vampire as I tilted my head back and turned it for easier access. I felt his pecs, feeling years of bench presses in them. They felt more powerful than the ones on other guys I’d been with before.

I could feel his cock growing through his pants between my legs. It pushed against my inner thigh, so close to my pussy, yet so far away. With my legs open and my dress riding up, I knew it would’ve been so easy for him to slide right on in without me ever having to get undressed. I wanted him to, but then again, I really wanted to see him naked.

His right hand cupped my right breast as I put my hand on top of his and made him squeeze it. That must’ve turned him on even more, as he moved back to my lips, hopefully not leaving a hickey, and sucked on my bottom lip as I wrapped my legs around him.

“I need you,” he muttered.

“Then take me,” I whispered into his ear.

He picked me up, holding onto me with his hands on my ass, before he carried me up the stairs towards what I assumed was his bedroom. I wasn’t wrong. He pushed open the door and tossed me onto the bed before closing it.